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< word of the day: fête – honour or entertain (someone) lavishly >


Today, I’m sharing some photos from a recent bridal shower I planned and executed for my cousin. Weddings are always exciting to me, but when it’s the first cousin of our  generation to get married, it truly becomes something magical. It’s a moment to bring together family from all over the globe to celebrate and I couldn’t be more excited.

Growing up, I always felt so lucky to have cousins who are more like siblings. They were the ones you looked forward to seeing during the weekends and summers were always used to figure out ways we could stay at each other’s houses for weeks on end. The dreaded words from my parents were “It’s time to go home” as time never seemed enough. As I grew up in an apartment, their house was the prime location to ride bikes, take walks and run to the park. Many of my favourite childhood memories included my cousins. Our bride to be is definitely a unique one. She’s quiet but witty, her sleep schedule is on point and she’s a big shoe lover but also a smart money saver at the same time. She enjoys simple things but is her sparkle is anything but that.

For her bridal shower, it was kept to minimal patterns and colours, with the intent to be simple yet elegant to mirror the bride to be.


We planned everything from the food menu, the sweets table, and little details throughout the party room.


chicken and waffles
kale ceasar salad
charcuterie board


flank steak with arugula and hassleback potatoes
salmon poke bowls


buffalo cauliflower and shrimp wonton cups


For the Sweets Table, we created a sheer cream colour backdrop with a DIY “cheers” wreath and hanging flowers.


My favourite part was definitely making the sweets. As a huge sweet tooth myself, I can’t deny taste testing everything throughout the process. For quality control, obviously.


We had lots of drink options, with a DIY mimosa bar, lots of bubbly and soft drinks.


We kept the florals to simple whites and creams with lots of greenery throughout.


Special thanks to Lucy Tran Photography for taking lovely photos, Cool Green and Shady for the beautiful flowers, Sister Stems for the flower wall and A&P Retro Gallery for the photo booth. As well, thank you for family that helped with the setup and tear down, definitely a full team effort.


I can’t wait for the wedding this coming Saturday, and I wish the #newlieuweds a lifetime of happiness.





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